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ChoiceU FAQ

Welcome to the ChoiceU Frequently Asked Questions.

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Account Questions

You don’t have a ChoiceU.com student account. Who do you contact to gain access to ChoiceU.com?
To access the resources on ChoiceU.com you must first have a personal student account ChoiceU.com which must be created for you by the General Manager (GM) or ChoiceU User Administrator at your hotel. Once your student account has been created, you are ready to begin!
You have an account on ChoiceU.com but you can’t remember my password. How can you reset it?
On the login screen at www.ChoiceU.com click on the link “Forgot username/password”You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
You had a student account on ChoiceU.com but it is not available or no longer active. What should you do?
To reactivate your student account, please contact your general manager or ChoiceU User Administrator at your hotel and have them reactivate your account. If you have additional issues with your account, please contact the ChoiceU team.
I’m no longer at the same property. Can I transfer my records to another property?
Good news! You do not have to re-take your training again. Choice University can transfer your training records to your new hotel. To request a transfer, please submit a ChoiceU.com Student Transfer Request email to the ChoiceU.com Help Desk. Make sure to include your old and new property code, the brand of your current hotel, and your new job role.
I have multiple ChoiceU accounts with multiple records, can I merge them?
Yes! Choice University can merge your training records into one account. To request a merge, submit your request here.

Content/Training Questions

“There is no content to display” Message Or “I am missing Content (blank screen)”
There are three reasons why you are seeing the “There is no content to display” message or you are missing a piece of content or training item (blank screen).

  • The content/training was recently removed from ChoiceU.com

  • The content/training is not assigned to your ChoiceU Job Function and the ChoiceU.com Admin at your property may have to update your profile.

  • Your account has not finished processing your assignments (for example new users or users who have been re-activated). This process usually takes place during the day or at night.

If you are not seeing your assignments, please contact a ChoiceU.
How do I print my certificate?
If a module has a certificate associated with it, a View Certificate button will appear after you complete the module. You can print your certificate from here.
I completed an e-Lesson with a passing Score, but it is still showing as Incomplete. Why?
There are three reasons your module may not be showing as completed.

  1. Your browser may need to be refreshed. Try logging out of ChoiceU.com and logging back in.

  2. You may have overlooked a section of the lesson. Every section must be viewed in its entirety in order for the content to be marked as complete. Review each section and ensure you watched every part to the end.

  3. You can access ChoiceU.com training on a variety of different technology devices, when you launch an online module, you will see three tabs. In order to make sure your training progress is saved, you must keep all three tabs open until you have finished your content. It’s that easy! Don’t close your tabs and your training progress will be saved.
If you are having trouble with viewing any online training modules on our site you may contact a ChoiceU.
You can’t find the content for ChoiceMAX – what should you do?
First, make sure your job function in your student profile is one of the following:

  • Hotel Management
  • Owner
  • Sales
The content for ChoiceMAX is only assigned to these job functions. If this is not your current job function, please ask your general manager / user administrator to change your job function and the content will be automatically assigned after your profile is updated.

Note: If you are still not seeing your assignments, please contact a ChoiceU.
I am getting the error message, “Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported”
In December 2020, Adobe stopped supporting Flash content within elearning programs and software. This means that some content may not play well on certain computers if the Flash player hasn’t been disabled or removed.

We are working on replacing any content that we identified as Flash-based. If you encounter the error message “Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported” or something similar in an eLesson, please contact ChoiceU with the title and content code so we can review.

ChoiceU Programs

What is HOST and how do I register?
Hotel Operations Success Training or HOST is a comprehensive online certification program brought to you by Choice Hotels is designed for employees who are responsible for the daily operation and management of a Choice-branded property.

The HOST Program is available to owners, general managers, assistant general managers, front desk managers, operations managers, sales managers, and housekeeping managers.

Click here to learn how to register
What is Onboard and how do I register?
As an Owner or General Manager of a new hotel coming into the Choice system, you have access to a wide array of proprietary resources to help you gain a competitive edge. Join us at our corporate headquarters to learn the power of Choice brands, how to leverage our exclusive resources, and best practices to help you hit the ground running.

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