Welcome Page

The welcome page is your launching pad to access all your training resources. Finding the training you want, and the training you didn’t know you wanted, has never been easier!


Once you have successfully logged in will open with your personalized welcome page.

This card displays your name, brand, and if you are a part of awarding property!

This card will provide access to:

  • A welcome video
  • Your Profile
  • Your Activity Report
  • and the ChoiceU Help site

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The Message box allows Choice University (CU) to notify you of new programs or training updates. The most recent message will be at the top of the list

  • All messages will have an icon indicating unread, read, or required (important).
  • The Read More button will take you to the full message on the Messages page.
  • You will see a notification indicating how many unread messages you have.
  • At times ChoiceU will require that a message is read before accessing

Learning Maps

Your Learning Map guides you to the most relevant resources based on your brand and job function and lets you access those resources in one easy click!

In some cases, you may have access to multiple maps, such as:

  • Your hotel is labeled as a Dual-Branded Hotel
  • You have enrolled into the HOST Certification Program
  • Your hotel is participating in the relicense process or converting to a different brand.

To learn more about Learning Maps click here.

Training Activity

The In Progress tab displays any training you have started but not completed.

The New Training tab displays all-new training assigned to your account

ChoiceU TV

The ChoiceU TV card displays the most recent videos posted to your account.

Click the Discover More link to view the entire ChoiceU TV library.

To learn more about ChoiceU TV click here.


ChoiceU Badges allow you to earn badges for your training achievements on

The Badges card displays which badges are available to you and which ones are close to earning.

Click the View All Badges to view all your ChoiceU Badges.

To learn more about ChoiceU Badges click here.


The Schools card provides you quick access to help you develop your business acumen and your skills, which is sectioned out by topic.

  • Business Leadership and Management
  • Sales and Revenue Management
  • Hotel and Business Operations
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Profitability and Financial Management

To learn more about Schools click here.

Note: The Schools card is only available for Management Job Functions and is not available to international users


With Webinars/Workshops, you will learn from both peers and industry experts through live, interactive training from the convenience of your personal computer.

The Webinars/Workshops card displays if you have any upcoming class sessions for the week. Which you can launch the session from this card!

There is also a link to the Calendar so you can view and register for future classes.

To learn more about Webinars/Workshops click here.

Brand Training

The content listed under the Brand Training card is required by an individual at your hotel and in your job function. Consult with your owner or manager to determine if you should complete the training listed on this card.

With just one click you can access the requirements for the training and view your progress.

Note: The Brand Training card is not available to international users

Other Sites

Here you can access other Choice Hotels sites, such as Choice Central, brand pages, or other specific resource sites.

Note: The Other Sites card is only available for Management Job Functions and is not available to international users

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Updated on March 24, 2022

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