Learn. Perform. Achieve! Helping You Drive Performance through Learning – May 2022

This month we highlight content and opportunities for leaders and managers to improve the performance of their team. In addition, we outline additional new content that is available and highlight training to help improve your skills as a manager and leader of your hotel. Plus, we are pleased to announce March and April’s HOST and EMBARK completions and acknowledge the achievement for those who are now operator certified.

Management / Skills Development Focus: Self Management and Improvement for Managers

These programs are available to all management job functions and are designed to help you develop your management and leadership skills. These courses are a part of the School of Personal and Professional Development and are a part of the Schools of Choice University:

The Art of Staying Focused (elesson)
Even if you know what’s important to do, losing focus can stop your progress. No matter who you are or what job you do, focusing at work can be hard. Even with great schedule management skills, it’s easy to get off track if you’re not careful. In this course, you’ll learn how to stay focused and stay on top of your schedule. You’ll learn strategies for dealing with focus challenges and distractions at work. You’ll also find out how to beat fatigue, manage your time, and decline work-related requests. And you’ll explore how to adjust your focus to deal with change, and how to regain focus when you’ve lost it.   

Uncovering and Utilizing Your Talents and Skills (elesson)
We all have individual talents and skills that make us unique in some way, but you may not be aware of your own skills, or how to use those skills to improve many areas of your life. In this course, you’ll learn what is meant by talent and skill, and why it’s important to understand what talents you possess. This course also covers techniques for identifying your unique capabilities, and outlines what you should include in a talent action plan to fully utilize and develop your key talents and skills.

Self-Improvement for Lifelong Success (elesson)
No matter how much experience you may have, there’s always room for improvement. Self-improvement is a lifelong journey of learning that can have lasting positive impacts on your personal and professional life. In this course, you’ll learn about the key principles for committing to self-improvement and continuous learning. You’ll also learn how to create a plan to organize self-improvement activities and start developing talent. You’ll find out how to develop an effective self-improvement mentoring relationship when developing people. And you’ll explore what common obstacles you may encounter in your self-improvement efforts.

Establishing Self-Confidence for Life (elesson)
Healthy self-confidence is critical for success in your life, and not just your personal life, but professional as well. When the people you interact with in daily life sense that you don’t feel confident in yourself, they may not feel confident in you either. In this course, you’ll learn what’s meant by ‘self-confidence,’ and the behavioral indicators of low and healthy self-confidence levels. You’ll also learn how to perform a personal analysis of your current self-confidence levels, so you know which areas to work on. Finally, you’ll discover real-world techniques you can use for building and maintaining healthy self-confidence levels.

The Schools of Choice University is open to all students who have a management job function. Currently, due to access restrictions, line employees do not have the schools content assigned to them. Anyone in a management job function can take the courses. To receive regular updates on school content and educational opportunity, we encourage managers to enroll and acknowledge a desire to receive regular emails on School content and activities.  To enroll – CLICK HERE!

DON’T FORGET! Commitment to Clean Recertification

Choice Hotels Announces Commitment To Clean Initiative

We appreciate everyone’s support in helping maintain a clean and safe environment for guests, fellow employees, and everyone who visits your hotel.  This is an important step in assuring we can help create a great experience for everyone who visits our hotels.

As a reminder, Commitment to Clean Captain certification is valid for one year.  ChoiceU will notify each student via email when their Captain certification is about to expire and the steps to take to maintain their certification should it be needed to remain in compliant with the Commitment to Clean brand standard. This email will be sent just prior to a student’s certification expiration date as a reminder.  It is important that together we keep up with the changes in industry and brand standards and validate our commitment to clean on a regular and consistent basis. Please note that during the year, some of the content for certification may change and retaking the knowledge check will be required. To verify your compliance with the Commitment to Clean training standard, visit your hotel’s Performance Zone Scorecard or check the Brand Training section of your ChoiceU.com administrator account.

Should a student desire to update their certification prior to their expiration date, they may do so by selecting the Commitment to Clean Captain certification from their Brand Training location on the toolbar in ChoiceU.com.

If you have not visited the Commitment to Clean Hub on ChoiceCentral recently – do so today! CLICK HERE!

Management Motivation Video Series – Always Growing

Throughout March and April, we continued our weekly series of videos we call Management Motivation. At regular intervals, we launch a short video (in three minutes or less) from speaker and author Jones Loflin. These videos are designed to equip individuals with real tools to conquer the biggest challenge facing all of us – making the best choices with our time and effort.

Want to learn more? This videos are for you and can be found on ChoiceUTV.com. To launch and review all current Management Motivation videos, CLICK HERE !

Operator Certifications (HOST/EMBARK) Earned in March and April!

Congratulations to the following individuals who earned their operator certification in March and April. Operator certification currently includes the HOST program for most brands and EMBARK for WoodSpring Suites hotels.

  • Eli Alvarez, Comfort Suites Scottsdale Talking Stick Entertainment District (AZ479)
  • Kevin Arcieri, Clarion Inn Ormond Beach at Destination Daytona (FLD09)
  • Kadondra Ardoin, WoodSpring Suites Baton Rouge East I-12 (AR108)
  • David Austin, Comfort Inn & Suites El Dorado (AR108)
  • Ijah Baltimore, WoodSpring Suites San Antonio Fort Sam (TXK56)
  • Paul Banta, Comfort Inn & Suites (NCA45)
  • Laura Benson, Quality Suites San Diego SeaWorld Area (CA131)
  • Parag Bhatt, Quality Suites (IN198)
  • Div Bhingradia, Quality Inn & Suites (SC097)
  • Lakeisha Biggs, WoodSpring Suites Baltimore White Marsh – Nottingham (MD329)
  • Greg Bishop, Sleep Inn (WV408)
  • Charvin Bivins, Comfort Inn Atlanta International Airport (GAA42)
  • Symphony Boler, WoodSpring Suites Savannah Pooler (GAA93) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Gary Brashier, WoodSpring Suites Tampa Brandon (FLF30)
  • Stacy Bronikowski, Clarion Inn Falls Church-Arlington (VA767)
  • Brad Brown, Quality Inn Palm Beach International Airport (FLB76)
  • Tiffany Bryant, Hotel Bothwell Sedalia Central District, Ascend Hotel Collection (MO189) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Maria Bullie, WoodSpring Suites St Louis St Charles (MO434)
  • Kassie Cain, WoodSpring Suites Lexington Southeast (KY343)
  • Tammi Charles, Clarion Inn Kingman I-40 Route 66 – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Harsh Chaudhari, Econo Lodge (SD093)
  • Raj Chaudhari, Quality Inn (NE021)
  • Ying Chen, Quality Inn (NJ324)
  • Sunny Chokshi, Quality Inn (TN233)
  • Judd Christensen, Rodeway Inn (IN502)
  • Christian Clapham, Sleep Inn & Suites Bismarck I-94 (ND054)
  • Kaitlyn Class, Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Mason Hwy 42 (OH499)
  • Jonathan Coates, Comfort Suites Stockbridge Atlanta South (GA483)
  • Terry Coleman, WoodSpring Suites Holland – Grand Rapids (MI523)
  • David Coram, WoodSpring Suites Savannah Pooler (GAA93) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Donna Craig, Clarion Pointe (KY403)
  • Brooke Crane, Comfort Inn & Suites Sidney I-80 (NE156) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Anita Davis, Quality Inn Palm Bay – Melbourne I-95 (FLC21)
  • Falgun Desai, Comfort Inn & Suites North Dallas-Addison (TXJ52)
  • Dipak Diva, Sleep Inn & Suites (MD225)
  • Amanda Dow, Quality Inn (MI412) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Chad Downing, Comfort Inn (CN289)
  • Carla Ealy, WoodSpring Suites Jacksonville Beach Blvd. (FLF41)
  • Brianne Faulkner, Comfort Inn & Suites (OH209)
  • Marcia Ferguson, Comfort Suites (TXI11)
  • Sarafina Fisher, Comfort Inn & Suites near Stadium (NY529)
  • Heidi Freetage, Comfort Suites (OH649) – PLATINUM AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Carmella Galipo, Clarion Inn Asheville Airport (NC674)
  • Alahana Callagher, Quality Inn I-70 at Wanamaker (KS048)
  • Kelli Gilcrease, Comfort Suites Bossier City – Shreveport East (LA205)
  • Kipling Glazenar, Comfort Suites Locust Grove Atlanta South (GA683)
  • Leah Godoy, Clarion Suites Downtown (AK030)
  • Stacy Goode, Quality Inn & Suites Mall of America – MSP Airport (MN082)
  • Shannon Goss, WoodSpring Suites Merrillville (IN511)
  • Kimberly Griffin, Quality Inn & Suites Near North Fort Bragg (NC979)
  • Boris Griffin, WoodSpring Suites Memphis Southeast (TN879)
  • Swarm Grover, Quality Inn Monee I-57 (IL495)
  • Ana Caroline Guimaraes, Rodeway Inn Logan International Airport (MA129)
  • Noorjahan Halim, Quality Inn & Suites Golden – Denver West (CO296)
  • Jejchelle Harker, Quality Inn & Suites (NM051)
  • Trey Hawkins, Comfort Suites Hotel and Conference Center (OH243) – PLATINUM AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Kaci Henkels, Econo Lodge (IA046) – PLATINUM AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Spenser Hill, Sleep Inn & Suites Steubenville at the University (OH788)
  • Christopher Huber, WoodSpring Suites Indianapolis Castleton (IN512)
  • Brock Hunt, Comfort Inn & Suites (TN876)
  • Dionna Juzwick, WoodSpring Suites Baltimore White Marsh – Nottingham (MD329)
  • Maria Karklin, WoodSpring Suites Texas City (TXL06)
  • Kathy Keller, WoodSpring Suites Broomfield-Westminster (CO418)
  • Sarah Keown, WoodSpring Suites Lafayette (LA417)
  • Jon King, Quality Inn Fresno Yosemite Airport (CA784)
  • Mandy Korb, Quality Inn Bismarck (ND400)
  • Kathy Kramer, MainStay Suites Clarion, PA near I-80 (PA917)
  • Teri Kremer, Sleep Inn & Suites (NE410)
  • Archie Lapsiwala, Quality Inn & Suites on the Beach (TX734)
  • Mitch Lewis, Econo Lodge Pigeon Forge Riverside (TN182) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • German Luzardo, WoodSpring Suites Orlando I-4 & Convention Center (FLG51)
  • Mark Maly, WoodSpring Suites St Louis Arnold (MO433)
  • Cianni Martinez, Quality Inn Lone Pine near Mount Whitney (CA786)
  • Khush Mehta, Quality Inn & Suites Eldridge Davenport North (IA084)
  • Maria Mena, Comfort Suites Bossier City – Shreveport East (LA205)
  • Savannah Miller, Clarion Hotel Conference Center – North (KY231)
  • Stan Miller, Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Quantico (VA641)
  • Adam Molchanov, Comfort Inn & Suites (IL200)
  • Mireya Montes, Comfort Inn & Suites Ocean Shores (WA145)
  • Dan Mundrean, Comfort Inn & Suites Daytona Beach Oceanfront (FLC28)
  • Janell Mussman, Lift Bridge Lodge, Ascend Hotel Collection (MN031) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Crystal Neidigh, WoodSpring Suites Colorado Springs Airport (CO389)
  • Gary Noble, WoodSpring Suites Savannah Garden City (GAA99)
  • Kristen Nolan, Comfort Inn Randolph – Boston (MA193)
  • Cristy Olson, Econo Lodge Cherry Point (NC201)
  • Deb Osborne, Quality Inn Shenandoah Valley (VA069)
  • Susan Owens, Comfort Inn (NH019)
  • Pinkal Panchal, Quality Inn Fallbrook I-15 (CAA69)
  • Vishwas Pareek, Comfort Suites Clearwater – Dunedin (FL636)
  • Bhavna Patel, Quality Inn McDonough Atlanta South (GA150)
  • Deep Patel, Quality Inn Austintown-Youngstown West (OH711)
  • Dhaval Patel, Quality Inn & Suites (VA278)
  • Dilip Patel, Quality Inn Burlington near Hwy 34 (IA024)
  • Dilap Patel, Quality Inn Saint Petersburg North-Tampa Bay (FLF51)
  • Kishan Patel, Comfort Suites (KY186) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Kush Patel, Quality Inn (SC211)
  • Madhuri (Mona) Patel, Comfort Inn & Suites at I-74 and 155 (IL508)
  • Mahesh Patel, Quality Inn, (LA289)
  • Manish Patel, Quality Inn Hinesville – Fort Stewart Area (GAA24)
  • Nayan Patel, Quality Inn near Six Flags (GA786)
  • Neel Patel, Econo Lodge (SD083)
  • Nimesh Patel, Comfort Inn Wytheville – Fort Chiswell (VA335)
  • Nishant Patel, Quality Inn Seymour I-65 (IN340)
  • Pooja Patel, Quality Inn Kettleman City near Hwy 41 (CAF96) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Pratima Patel, Quality Inn (MO440)
  • Ravikumar Patel, Quality Inn (IA185)
  • Ricky Patel, Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Williams – Grand Canyon Area (AZ223)
  • Ruchi Patel, Rodeway Inn (MI534)
  • Sam Patel, Comfort Suites Bloomington I-55 and I-74 (IL250)
  • Shailesh (Sam) Patel, Comfort Inn (AL239)
  • Shyam Patel, Quality Inn (WI193)
  • Sunny Patel, Comfort Suites Houston West at Clay Road (TX531)
  • Sunny Patel, Comfort Suites West Jacksonville (FL793)
  • Tej Patel, Quality Inn (OH371)
  • Nirali Patel, WoodSpring Suites Atlanta Conyers (GAA97)
  • Anna Perez, Comfort Inn Yreka I-5 (CA783)
  • Akanshu Popli, Quality Inn & Suites Thompson (CN911)
  • Reshma Prayag, Comfort Suites Downtown (CN139)
  • Jay Raman, WoodSpring Suites Houston Westchase (TXK65)
  • Jamie Rehmert, Quality Inn Bellevue (WA345)
  • Nefertiti Roberts, WoodSpring Suites Baltimore White Marsh – Nottingham (MD329)
  • Shadina Robinson, Comfort Inn & Suites (MD232)
  • Emil Rousseau, Quality Inn (MI055) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • James Rutherford, Comfort Inn & Suites Tigard near Washington Square (OR297)
  • Aman Sandhu, Quality Inn & Suites (TXH33) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Philip Seaman, Quality Inn & Suites (SC302)
  • Fenilkumar Shah, Quality Inn (SC434)
  • Kaushang Shah, Quality Inn near Parc Natchitoches (LA073)
  • Nilesh Shah, Quality Suites (TXF09)
  • Samantha Shelton, WoodSpring Suites Greenville Central I-85 (SC599)
  • Jacob Shepherd, The Capitol Hotel, Ascend Hotel Collection (CT163)
  • Kaycee Sommers, Comfort Inn Grand Junction I-70 (CO712)
  • Meghann Steele, Comfort Suites (KY037)
  • Megan Steep, Quality Inn (WV086)
  • Courtney Szalay, Comfort Inn (MT118)
  • Melissa Tate, Sleep Inn & Suites Mount Olive North (NC696) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Lakeela Tatum, WoodSpring Suites Colton (CAG29)
  • Sherri Thomas, Comfort Inn (PA344)
  • Miranda Thorne, Comfort Inn (OH082)
  • John Tovar, WoodSpring Suites Pecos (TXK44)
  • Martha Velez, WoodSpring Suites Orlando West – Clermont (FLF19)
  • Pao Vue, WoodSpring Suites St Paul Woodbury (MN211)
  • Libby Walker, WoodSpring Suites Jacksonville Beach Blvd. (FLF41)
  • Julia Wang, Comfort Suites Kansas City-Liberty (MO009)
  • Laura Washington, Quality Inn Harrisonburg I-81 (VA673) – PLATINUM AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Dorothy White, Quality Inn (WI041)
  • Bria White, WoodSpring Suites Carol Stream – Chicago (IL587)
  • Kimberly Wilson, Quality Inn Hall of Fame (OH584)
  • Michael Whittenbach, Quality Inn (TN003) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Cheryl Wren, Comfort Inn & Suites Marion I-57 (IL343) – GOLD AWARD WINNING HOTEL
  • Gerald Young, Comfort Inn Wichita Falls North (TXE81)
  • Cassie Zeimet, Comfort Inn & Suites Mt. Rushmore (SD087)