Learn. Perform. Achieve! Helping You Drive Performance through Learning – August 2022

This month we highlight content and opportunities for leaders and managers to improve the performance of their team. In addition, we outline additional new content that is available and highlight training to help improve your skills as a manager and leader of your hotel. Plus, we are pleased to announce HOST and EMBARK completions and acknowledge the achievement for those who are now operator certified.

Improving LTR at Your Hotel Video Series

This summer, we want to help all employees understand the likelihood to recommend, or LTR for short, and how everyone can help improve guest satisfaction while working at a hotel.

Every hotel has an LTR score – but what does it mean? And what does it do for you? Take a moment and review this video and learn the importance of a hotel’s LTR score. Pay attention closely to the video and make sure you see the twist in the programs that demonstrates the importance of LTR.

Click here to learn more: The Language of Hospitality: LTR

The next time you deal with an upset guest, HAVE A HEART! In this video, learn how to use the method and how it can help you drive the LTR scores at your hotel. Learn how to HEAR, then EMPATHIZE and APOLOGIZE, clear how to RESPOND, and finally THANK the guest for bringing the issue to your attention. Each of these steps can help you as you work to improve the service of your hotel.

Click here to learn more: The Language of Hospitality: Have a HEART

Hotel guests are all different but they all have one thing in common. In this video, discover the different types of guests that may stay at your hotel as well as their typical needs.

Click here to learn more: Understanding Guest Service: Each Guest is Unique


Notifications are a form of messages which are generated by the learning ecosystem when content changes occur. Content changes include: 

1. New training added to an account, 

2. Changes made to existing training, 

3. Changes made to any learning tracks in an account. 

To see notifications, students must sign into their accounts. An indicator displays if the student has unread notifications. You can view notifications from the past 30 days via the Notifications page. 

Operator Certifications (HOST/EMBARK) Earned in July!

Congratulations to the following individuals who earned their operator certification in July. Operator certification currently includes the HOST program for most brands and EMBARK for WoodSpring Suites hotels.

  • Bhavesha Patel AL141 Comfort Inn
  • Vasant Patel AL162 Sleep Inn
  • Donna Hathaway AR167 Comfort Suites
  • Tammy Tacho AZ362 Quality
  • Jurnee Hornbeak AZ387 Quality
  • Shelly Leydecker AZ498 Comfort Inn
  • Arvind Patel CA288 Quality
  • Virginia Sanchez CA612 Comfort Inn
  • Lundy Tol CA701 Mainstay Suites
  • Amit Fogat CN240 Comfort Inn
  • Sean Peterson CN962 Comfort Suites
  • Kristina Kropog CO229 Clarion
  • Fanny Riega FL023 Sleep Inn
  • Shaohua (Steve) Sun FL484 Quality
  • Andrew Bhula GA380 Comfort Inn
  • Varun Pandya GA397 Comfort Inn
  • Katherine Tyner GA641 Comfort Suites
  • Jennie Harms-Berton GA843 Comfort Inn
  • Wendy Kirkby GA848 Comfort Inn
  • Arti Patel GA889 Quality
  • AJ Bhangu ID038 Comfort Suites
  • Justin Cromer ID041 Quality
  • Paramjeet Singh IL180 Sleep Inn
  • Sarah Mcintosh IL192 Quality
  • Jessika Long KS286 WoodSpring
  • SALLY NAIK KS303 Quality
  • Tirth Patel KY421 Comfort Inn
  • Annakay Peterson LA174 Comfort Inn
  • Candy Hernandez MD221 Quality
  • Denise Horn MI089 Quality
  • Joe Sabornido MI537 Comfort Inn
  • Destiny Hall-Speidel MN145 Quality
  • Eric Seljeskog MN228 Comfort Inn
  • Tiffanie Walker MO062 Econo Lodge
  • Femini Patel MS197 Sleep Inn
  • Michael LaFayette MT418 Quality
  • Viraj Patel NC201 Econo Lodge
  • Krina Patel NC867 Quality
  • Silvia Muhktar NC894 Quality
  • Parth Patel NJ161 Comfort Suites
  • Isabella Shetter NM128 Comfort Inn
  • Amelia Yazzie NM180 Comfort Inn
  • George Houser NM256 WoodSpring
  • Brad Gearheart OH771 Quality
  • Daxesh Patel OK170 Sleep Inn
  • Casey Anderson OR049 Quality
  • Christina McHugh PA252 Comfort Inn
  • Debra Lombel PA461 Quality
  • Joe Shah SC018 Sleep Inn
  • Pritesh Patel SC123 Quality
  • Maxi Brown SC597 WoodSpring
  • Reddy Suri SD108 Comfort Inn
  • Victor Patel TN069 Mainstay Suites
  • Darren Martin TN871 WoodSpring
  • Sharad Patel TN906 Quality
  • Ryan Staats TX806 Comfort Inn
  • Kartik Patel TXB46 Sleep Inn
  • Laura Tovar TXC39 Comfort Suites
  • Brian Silva TXK85 WoodSpring
  • Jessica Hartmann TXN37 Quality
  • Nicole Borror VA031 Quality
  • Shamere Leonard VA501 Comfort Suites
  • Anna Ebu-Mordi VA599 Comfort Inn
  • John Helwich WA009 Quality
  • Kent Salinas WA020 Comfort Inn
  • Adam Freeland WV119 Comfort Inn