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The Content Page lets you manage your own training experience. Conduct advance searches, read content descriptions, bookmark your favorites, sort, and even rate training content!

Searching for Training

The Search Tool gives you the ability to search for your training and filter your search by content type, favorites, or by sorting your results.

To search for training, type your search criteria in the search field, click the search icon or press Enter.

Search on the Welcome Page
Search in Assigned Content, Learning tracks, or Dictionary

Search on the Content Page

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Training by Learning Track

The Learning Track menu allows you to view your training by a specific training topic.

Click “View This Track”
The breadcrumbs allow you to move free among the Learning Track Menu

Content Information Card

The Content Area presents information such as 

  • Title and Description
  • Progress and Completion Status
  • Additional Details
  • Associated Resources, Prerequisites, and Recommended Training.

From the Content you can also:

  • Launch the Training, Complete a Task or play a Video
  • Rate the Training (see content ratings)
  • Add as a Favorite (ex: your favorite CUTV video!)
  • Download a Course Certificate (if there is one)

Content Item With Suggested Training 

After completing a training item a pop-up window will appear with a list of Other training you may want to consider, which can be launched from the pop window.

If you choose to close the pop-up window the list of suggested training will show under the Content Description area. Click on the button Other training you may want to consider to view each item.

Content Item With Prerequisites

Prerequisite is something that is required before advancing to the next training. Click on the button Prerequisites to view the training.

Rating Content

We value your opinion and we would like to hear from you about the training delivered on Once you have completed training you will have the ability to rate and leave a comment or comments.

Note: Ratings are anonymous to other users.

Give us a 5 Star rating!
  1. Click on Rate This Content button
  2. The Rating Popup will appear
  3. Click on one of the Stars to enter your rating
  4. (Optional) Then you can add a comment to your rating. Please be as detailed as possible. Comments are not visible to other users.
  5. Click Submit

View Content Ratings

Hover over the 5 Stars icon to view a content item’s rating.

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Updated on March 24, 2022

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