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ChoiceU TV is your place to get up to speed with short video-based training programs on critical topics for your specific job function, brand, or the hospitality industry.

How to Access ChoiceU TV

This site can be accessed from or via your welcome page on Accessing requires the use of your Choice University student username and password.

ChoiceU Welcome – ChoiceU TV Card – ChoiceU TV Login

ChoiceU TV Home Page

The home page gives you the option to search for videos on specific topics you are interested in, or browse through a wide range of video categories.

Searching for Videos

Type your search word in the search bar and press Enter. The ChoiceU TV Search will automatically search under All Videos. View the Video Page section below to see more search options from the Video Page.

ChoiceU TV Menu

Click a ChoiceU TV category from the side menu to view each category. These categories are based on your assigned Brand, and Job Function.

Browsing Videos

Browsing for videos on ChoiceU TV is easy! All you need to do is scroll and then click on the video you want to watch. Clicking the Show More button will expand the video category to show more videos within that category.

Video Options

The Video Page on ChoiceU TV displays the video for here you can do the following.

  1. Play/Pause, Adjust the Volume or View in full screen the video. Some videos have chapters so you can jump ahead to specific sections.
  2. Mark a video as a Favorite 
  3. After watching a video you can Rate the video.
  4. View Recommended Content such as other videos or training.

Note: After you have watched a video the word Completed and a Green Check Mark will appear on the video.

ChoiceU TV Filters

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find the filter options for ChoiceU TV. These filters allow you to search for videos or sort videos by Most Plays, Top Rated, Just Added, Your History, or Favorites. You can also filter videos by a ChoiceU TV  Category. 

ChoiceU TV Categories

ChoiceU TV is Mobile! can be accessed using your mobile device allowing you to watch ChoiceU TV videos from anywhere!

Updated on April 1, 2021

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