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Why Do You Need A ChoiceU.Com Account?

Start Your Journey Today!

As a franchisee or an employee of a franchisee of a Choice® hotel property, you have exclusive access to a large volume of customized training resources to help improve your professional development and business skillset. Resources range in topics from day-to-day operations to industry hot topics and are available for every job role on property.

To access these resources you must first have a personal student account on ChoiceU.com which must be created for you by the General Manager (GM) at your hotel. Once your student account has been created, you are ready to begin! Your journey will begin with logging in.

It is important to sign on regularly to ChoiceU.com to keep your student account active and keep your hotel compliant with any brand standards that apply.  After one year of inactivity, your account will go inactive – so make a regular practice of signing onto ChoiceU.com.

Looking For Answers?

Click here to view our frequently asked questions or submit your question(s) or to request account transfers/merges below. Please allow Choice University to reply to your question/suggestion/issue within 1-2 business days. You will receive a confirmation once your ticket has been received.  

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Updated on December 16, 2021

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